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Doggy GOO = Fighting Allergies FUN for Your Pet & FUN for YOU ! Mother Nature needs Doggy GOO Immune ReCalibration HELP to Fight Enviro Allergies. Allergy = LifeTime Slippery Slope of Allergy Driven Diseases & compromised Quality of Life. Doggy GOO = Peanut Butter GOO-Licious. Allergy is a Lifetime, Progressive, Cumulative Disease. Doggy GOO = 100% Natural PUPPY Pre-Emptively build Immune Tolerance to Enviro Allergens with Doggy GOO. Doggy GOO = ProBiotic GUT & Immune Health Allergy = Constant Itching, Scratching & Paw Chewing. FOOD Allergy / InTolerance = 10% of Canine Allergy. Allergy = Mis-Wired Immune System. ReCalibration only via building Immune Tolerance. Allergy Medicines only Mask Symptoms / Suppress Immune System ability to Defend. DOG Enviro Allergies = Behavioral, Skin & Ear Issues. 85% of Itchy DOGs = Allergy to Enviro Pollens, Mites & Molds. 30% DOGs suffer from Allergies

Healthy GOO ™

Is Your Constantly Itchy / Paw Chewing / Gunky Ear / Hot Spot Dog [Allergy] SAD ?

Doggy GOO makes the Serious Business of Fighting Itchy Enviro Allergies FUN !
GOO-Licious Peanut Butter Treat FUN for Your Dog.
FUN for You to See them Healthy, Happy, and No More DVM Visits ! 
GOO-Licious Peanut Butter Doggy GOO builds heightened Immune System Tolerance to Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds > 100% Naturally.

Your Veterinary Allergist / Dermatologist Formulated Allergy Care Option that Tastes like a Treat.

Does Your Dog suffer from Itchy Allergies?

Doggy GOO ™ is the first and only 100% natural, Veterinary Dermatologist Formulated "Click & Order" Canine Allergy Product on Today's Market.
Doggy GOO is designed to:
  • Simultaneously & Synergistically Target, Support and Balance a your Animal's overall Immune System
  • Fights Itchy Enviro Allergies from the Inside > Out ! By Building natural Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Environmental Allergy Sources
  • Fosters a healthy Gut Response through the use of Prebiotic & Probiotics
If your Dog suffers from the Itching, Biting, Gunky Ears or Hot Spots associated with Enviro Allergies, Stop Endless Masking of Symptoms with Pharma, while Your Animal's Allergy Fire only Burns Brighter & Hotter with Everyday.
Benefits of Doggy GOO ™
  • Doggy GOO ™ leverages natural adaptive power of Immune System methodology to help build and strengthen your dog's immune system tolerance to 10 pollen, 3 mold, 2 mite and 2 food allergy sources.
  • Doggy GOO’s beneficial yeast ingredients work to support and balance your dog's first line immune defenses.
  • The Prebiotic & Probiotics support healthy gut functionality and nutrient absorption.
  • Doggy GOO ™ can help allergy stressed dogs reestablish immune tolerance to environmental allergy sources.
  • Doggy GOO ™ can preemptively build immune tolerance to environmental allergy sources in your puppy.
  • Doggy GOO ™ is 100% all natural and can be tried before Cyclosporine, Steroids or Allergy SHOTs
Why is Doggy GOO ™ Important?  Stop Allergy DVM $$$ Slippery Slope 
  • Any dog can suffer from allergies but research has shown that may of the most popular breeds including Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Wire Haired Fox Terriers, Pugs, Miniature Schnauzers and English Bulldogs, Lhasa Apsos, English Setters, Irish Setter, Retrievers and Dalmatians are genetically predisposed to allergies.
  • Up to 25% of dogs suffer from allergies. 80+% of these suffer exclusively from allergy to environmental sources

What are some Common Allergy Sources?
  • Common Environmental Allergy Sources include: Grass / Tree / Weed Pollens, Dust Mites; and Mold Spores. In fact, 80+% + of our Itchy Allergy Dogs = Allergy to the Same Enviro Sources that Us Humans Suffer From.
  • Food Allergy sources include: Wheat, Beef, Chicken, Milk, Potato, Yeast, Lamb, Corn, Fish and Soy. But only 4-5% + of Allergy Dog's have True Medically Determined Allergy to Food. But while Food Allergies are rather Infrequent, that does not mean that Your "Finiky Eater" does not have Food Issues. In Healthy GOO's Opinion, your Animal's GUT-Biome may be Out of Balance and need . 
Doggy GOO support
  Doggy GOO is made in the USA
What Can be Done About Canine Allergies?
Pet owners often see the signs of an unbalanced or weakened immune system which present as skin conditions, ear infections, persistent itching or gastrointestinal problems. When your dog displays these symptoms you will naturally try to find the cause of their discomfort.
  • Many people will start with their dog's food and believe that the dog may have a food allergy which sends them down the road of special diets to determine what ingredient(s) are causing their dog's allergies. The problem with this is it can take weeks to months after a change in food to see any change in the dog's overall appearance and behavior. Food elimination diets have to be carefully constructed and managed so the dog does not get any other food or treats. They are very hard to manage as well as time-consuming. If your dog does indeed have a food allergy then finding a food that will alleviate their symptoms is key.
  • The important thing to realize is that 85% of dogs with allergies are allergic to things in the environment and not food. Most medications like Corticosteroids and Antibiotics only mask your dog's symptoms meaning they will have to be taken for the rest of the dog's life. Many of these medications also have underlying side effects that can cause a whole host of other health related issues.
  • Allergy testing and shots are another option but who wants to have to give their dog a shot every day for the rest of their lives. This is inconvenient for you and painful for the dog. Besides the shots, allergy testing can be expensive and not always accurate.
  • That brings us to Doggy GOO ™. Doggy GOO ™ utilizes a similar methodology as allergy shots but in an easy to administer, pet-friendly way. Daily use of Doggy GOO ™ can help build immune system tolerance to the environmental offenders that are making your dog miserable.
What do Pet Parents have to say about Doggy GOO ?
Pet Parents often ask ... "Will Doggy GOO Help my Itchy [Enviro] Allergy Dog ?". 
To Answer this Question ...
Pet Parents are reminded, that when it comes to Fighting Itchy / Paw Chewing / Gunky Ear / Hot Spot Enviro Allergies in our Canine Friends ... that Allergy Disease is a Nasty, Tenacious, Mis-Wiring in the Immune System. A Mis-Wiring that not only Over-Rides your Animal's entire 24 / 7 / 365 Health & Life .. but Yours  !
In fact, Hot Spots / Gunky Ears & Itchy Skin Trauma are often Strongly Driven Manifestations resulting from the Presence of Allergy and are consistently in the Top Health Issues Treated in our Dogs.   
Will Doggy GOO Help ?
When it comes to Fighting Itchy Enviro Allergies AND "Determining" whether a given Allergy Treatment Option Works ( or Not )... at Healthy GOO / Doggy GOO, we say ...  
"There is No Placebo Effect in our Dogs & Let Doggy GOO Speak for Itself " !
Namely, Your Itchy Dog could be in the Middle of a 6 Lane Highway, with Cars & Trucks bearing Down on Them, but they will Still Stop and Itch .. Why ? Because they can not Help Themselves. 
Doggy GOO Option = Pet Parent introduces Doggy GOO into Your Dog's Daily Life. Your Animal does not know that their Peanut Butter Treat is building Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Enviro Allergy Sources .. They just know it is GOO-Licious !
Over Time, it is Doggy GOO's Healthy Glow Goal, that Your Animal's "Internal" Immune Tolerance Level is Heightened to Offending Enviro Sources, such that "External" Allergy Symptoms are Less and Less Triggered / Manifested.  
Doggy GOO's "No Placebo Effect" Equation = Itchy Enviro Allergy Dog + Daily GOO-Licious Doggy GOO at a Daily STRESSed Level based on Weight = a Happy / Healthy Dog or Not i.e. Your Animal does not know that their GOO-Licious Treat is Fighting their Itchy Enviro Allergies.
But Do Not be Fooled, it is Important to Remember that Allergy is a Cumulative / Progressive / Entrenched / Mis-Wired Immune System, an "Allergy SnowBall" that began Rolling at Birth, gaining Speed ( Frequency of Allergy Driven Manifestations ) and Mass ( Severity of Allergy Driven Manifestations ) as Time Rolled On ..
As such, Building "Internal" Doggy GOO Tolerance to the Extent that "External" Allergy Symptoms ( hopefully ) Dissipate > Takes Time and Can Not be Rushed ( No Silver Bullet ).
Over the past 5+ Yr., Pet Parents have told Healthy GOO that it takes ( STRESSed Daily Amount ) Approximately 1 Month for Doggy GOO to become Immune Engaged / to begin to show the First "External" Signs of Improvement ( Skin & Coat / some abatement of major Itchies ) indicating that GOO's "Internal" Tolerance building has begun ... a Second Month of "Heavy Lifting" / abatement of major Allergy Symptoms and a 3rd Month to further suppress the External Allergy Flame into Internal / Suppressed Allergy Embers. 
Then, because Allergy is really "Never Cured", it will be necessary to Continue your Animal on their GOO-Licious Treat .. but at a Lesser WELL Daily amount .. which continually Challenges the Suppressed Internal Allergy Embers and Keeps them from being ReKindled Back into an External Allergy Flame once again.  
Thus said, as the Saying Goes .. If it Sounds to Good to be True ... 
Yes, Doggy GOO is a Canine Health Supplement.  it is Not an FDA Approved Drug. And as such, Doggy GOO can Not Claim to Cure / Diagnose or Mitigate Any Disease etc ...  
And Yes, there are many Co-Factors that Impact the Health and Allergy Status of Your Animal i.e. Age, Breed Mix, other Health Issues, past Pharma, past Antibiotic Use ....  
But as we say at Healthy GOO ...
Why not Stop Endless Masking of Symptoms with Pharma, which are only Short Term / leaves your Animal's Allergy Disease / SnowBall "Intact" only to Roll Bigger & Faster with Time ...
Why not Stop Itch Suppress Pharma, which achieves its Itch Suppression Goal by Suppressing your Animal's Entire Immune System. Leaving your Animal Vulnerable to Secondary Health Issues i.e. Infection. Which are then Pharma / Antibiotic Treated, disrupting the Good Bug / Bad Bug Ratio in your Dog's GUT-Biome .. taking your Animal on a Lifetime Slippery Slope of further compromised Gut Health Issues .. in Addition to the UnExtinguished Allergy Flame which still Burns Brighter & Hotter !  
Why not Read what other Pet Parents ( Testimonials ) have said about their Animal's Doggy GOO Experience ..
Why Not Stop Masking Symptoms and Target the Source of Your Animal's Allergy.
Why Not Give Doggy GOO a Try ....
Why not Let Doggy GOO Speak for Itself, Thru Your Animal's Improved Health, to You .. then tell Other Pet Parents about Your Animal's Doggy GOO Experience ...
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